End of the World Sermon – 2 Thessalonians

Download: End of the World in 2Thes 2 from 2015-07-05 The Day of the Lord and our gathering to Him How we talk about it and think about it Grace being scared Like a bullied kid when his dad (or more accurately-big brother) shows up The devil uses folklore, stories, weather by campfire, books, or movies, […]

Extra Presence for Christmas

This week we have been doing one of the things that our Christian community, The People of Praise, does regularly all over the United States: we’ve been a ‘household.’ We aren’t the only ones doing this, from the looks of Instagram, but everyone else calls it ‘having house guests.’ Having someone stay at your house […]

WCAGLS14: Bryan Loritts, Sacrificial Leadership

So I must have gotten stuck from Susan Cain, because I had some trouble listening through this one too. BUT this guy brought all kinds of scripture and had some awesome connections, especially at the very end. I’m not sure if he was trying to show his authority by quoting so many people or if […]

N.T. Wright on Jesus and His Parables

Jesus didn’t tell parables to provide friendly little illustrations of abstract theology. He told parables because what he was doing was so different, so explosive, and so dangerous, that the only way he could talk about it was to use stories. N.T. Wright, Lent for Everyone, Commentary on Matthew 17 as I read it on […]