My life on LinkedIn

It seemed appropriate to also throw in a link to my profile on LinkedIn.

One Life Church

When people ask me where I go to church, the answer, of course, is complicated. I am “a part” of One Life. We participate in small groups and volunteer there but we aren’t found there often on Sundays. I write the Daily Bible Readings for One Life which is a real honor and treat for me. You can check out the Daily Bible Readings here.

I preach every Sunday at a little church called Westminster Church. It is a great arrangement that I’m in.
And I know, you don’t GO to church, we ARE the church, but let’s just keep things simple. You can hear all of the recordings of my sermons on Soundcloud here.

People of Praise

This is a community that I and my family are a part of. We are an ecumenical, charismatic, multi-whatever group of people sharing life, Jesus, time, and stuff together.

My List

I’m not sure what to call this, other than a list. Some people have résumés, some people have CVs (sounds like a disease!) but all I have is a list of things I’ve done. Check back, it is being updated as often as I remember some more things or have time to write them down.


I have:

  • Given a TEDx talk about wearing the same shirt and pants every day
  • Slaughtered a sheep
  • Driven the same car for almost 20 years
  • Held a backyard chicken
  • Organized a group to build an outhouse that was used 1 year later by President Bill Clinton in South Dakota
  • Been paid 250 donuts for admin rights to a facebook fan page
  • Made my kids think that I have super-secret ninja skills
  • Built enough websites to start forgetting how many I’ve made
  • Taught Microsoft Office to people that were afraid of the computer mouse and asked if we could “just call it something else”
  • Seen the entrails of a goat and not thrown up
  • Looked at x-rays of my daughter’s cracked skull and noticed more details than the neurologist (he probably tells all the dads that)
  • Been an actual super hero, dressed up and fought crime in a city
  • Talked to a real life spy
  • Been afraid of the dark for a large part of my adult life
  • Been stopped by airport security and told them I was carrying the most deadly thing on earth
  • Made airport security laugh when I pulled a Bible on them (pre-9/11)
  • Washed a Burmese orphan’s dirty feet
  • Talked to people and expected demons to come out of them at any minute
  • Gotten a rabies shot
  • Eaten several bites of goat jello
  • Heard gunshots outside my window more times than I can count
  • Told a bedtime story almost every night since 2002
  • Picked up hitchhikers
  • Been called incompetent, to my face, by my boss, in every job I’ve had since college, except one. (Thanks Dan H. Current job just got an ignorant, but in context it was true.)
  • Been the Chaplain for Champ Boat races in the Ohio River
  • Broken a girl’s nose while playing cards – on accident
  • Swung from one tree to another to another at Turkey Run State Park
  • Set up a Mambo website
  • Set up a WordPress blog
  • Set up a company website using WordPress as the underlying CMS
  • Driven a van full of kids in North America and in Asia
  • Had my car impounded twice by corrupt Central Asian police
  • Been thrown over the seat of a car and landed on the floor of the back seat in a car wreck
  • Been miraculously healed of bladder cancer
  • Been the mic-man at the Shoe Carnival
  • Been Chuck E. Cheese
  • Had 80% of my body covered with poison ivy
  • Helped fight a house fire with buckets of water from a stream
  • Ridden in the front seat of a helicopter
  • Ridden in an aerobatic airplane with an award-winning aerobatic pilot
  • Jumped off the platform at Kramer’s lake
  • Been within 6 feet of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Russell Brown all at the same time
  • Fallen down on my back and been knocked out cold – twice
  • Been a beta tester of Windows NT workstation
  • Been a quality control sniffer for a pharmaceutical company that made an addictive nasal spray
  • Answered the software tech support phone for a 150-branch bank
  • Begun to try to understand GTD
  • Made a cheesy animated soap-opera and won a free pro-pass to Macworld
  • Received an award for being the most creative person in my university graduating class
  • Received a cauliflower as a grade for my senior thesis. Dr. Jennerman said an A or a B wasn’t appropriate, he felt like it deserved a cauliflower.
  • In the days before podcasts, made a recording of sneaking into a 12 story building at midnight, and dropped a pumpkin off the roof, missing the recorder by about 4 feet.
  • Done things I was ashamed of.
  • Been reconciled to God and man.
  • Walked between 6 men with machine guns and the man they were protecting.
  • Dodged several apples shot from a water balloon slingshot.
  • Read The Autobiography of Malcolm X in the top of a tree next to a street light in the middle of the night.
  • Been shot in the groin with an apple fired from a water balloon slingshot.
  • Taught Microsoft Office software classes to dozens and dozens of people.
  • Walked from Bloomington to Terre Haute over the course of a weekend
  • Been called a “poor silly fool” by John Perkins of the CCDA