Easter 2017 – Many Were Afraid of Jesus

Here are my notes and the recording of my Easter sermon this year. Notes get crazy at the end, but I dump them here for your ease. Download: Easter-20170416 Jesus Arrested by an Army The Jewish leaders were Afraid of Jesus rising from the dead. The city would have been crowded as ever. Passover filled […]

Acts 13:4–12 On Cyprus with Sergius Paulus

Sergius Paulus on Cyprus had a Jewish sorcerer in his cabinet This shows he was into spiritual stuff, which gives us some insight into why he wanted to listen to Paul speak. Paul said “you are going to be blind for a time, not even able to see the light of the sun” and Elymas […]

What got me out of bed this morning

I snoozed with my iPhone alarm this morning from about 5:00 until around 5:30. At that point I opened up my YouVersion Bible app and started reading the reading from yesterday (which I fell asleep reading last night) in Joshua 16 & 17. I remembered reading this last night, and came across similar statements a […]