WCAGLS Session 10: Dr. Brown on Shame

Session 10: Dr. Brene' Brown: Shame After this intro, I wish I would have not stopped listening to her TED talk halfway through. She is a vulnerability researcher. She studies vulnerabilty, courage, shame. She heard sea-level, down to earth.What they said was C Level, CEO, CTO, CIO. "I said, 'you don't understand, I don't study […]

WCAGLS Session 6: Bob Goff

Session 6 Bob Goff "I'm emotionally incontinent!"Getting our signals wrong. In Uganda, our american motion for hello is Ugandan for "Follow Me!"Stalkers find out all kinds of information about people they don't spend time with. "I was stalking Jesus, and it was freaking both of us out!"1 John 3:16 – we should lay down our […]