Session 3, Pat Lencioni, How to Lose Good People

Session 3, Pat LencioniHis favorite talk! How to lose your best people His dad hated his job, but he wanted to fix "that job thing, that's a problem"His first job, propping up targets at a shooting range. When the horn blows, jump in the hole and duck.Now kids go to sports camps, remember when summer […]

Love (ing) God. Love (ing) People. Series at CFC

I got to be a little part of a video at Christian Fellowship Church when their High School ministry was talking about serving and loving others. They titled it “Love (ing) God. Love (ing) People.” like the (red) style of theme. Here is the video I also got to preach for part of this series, […]

Comforting Strength: Sermon Notes from CFC 06102012

Here are my notes from Christian Fellowship Church on June 10th, 2012. You’ll notice that I forgot to take some blank paper. I don’t know if the opening video will ever be online, but if it is, I’ll post about it too.   [meta notes] I posted this with photosnack after shooting it through my […]

Giving and Receiving in Humility

John 13.8 ‚ÄúIf I do not wash you, you have no share with me.‚ÄùThere is a humility that is beyond the humility that somebody can tell me I need to have or that I can see and grasp. It‚Äôs beyond a virtue or anything that you can talk about, I think. Jesus doesn‚Äôt talk about […]