WCAGLS14: Bryan Loritts, Sacrificial Leadership

So I must have gotten stuck from Susan Cain, because I had some trouble listening through this one too. BUT this guy brought all kinds of scripture and had some awesome connections, especially at the very end. I’m not sure if he was trying to show his authority by quoting so many people or if he wanted us to look all of those people up, but in my ADHD every time he mentioned an author’s name I veered from whatever point he was trying to make. It was kind of like listening to footnotes interrupt while listening to an audio book.

His story about giving up his diamond class ticket so that he could sit with his wife was awesome. He didn’t change his status, he just gave up the comforts of his seat so that he could be with his wife. Then he pointed to Phil 2 where Jesus gave up all of his honor so that He could be with us. Totally awesome stuff.


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