God’s Most loving command: Repent

These are my notes and commentary from a prayer meeting in March of 2016. Rus Lyons spoke about God’s compassionate love for us, starting with those funny stale marshmallow hearts with messages in them. I didn’t capture his whole talk because I was taking notes! God has a history of loving His people. When the […]

Extra Presence for Christmas

This week we have been doing one of the things that our Christian community, The People of Praise, does regularly all over the United States: we’ve been a ‘household.’ We aren’t the only ones doing this, from the looks of Instagram, but everyone else calls it ‘having house guests.’ Having someone stay at your house […]

Acts 13:4–12 On Cyprus with Sergius Paulus

Sergius Paulus on Cyprus had a Jewish sorcerer in his cabinet This shows he was into spiritual stuff, which gives us some insight into why he wanted to listen to Paul speak. Paul said “you are going to be blind for a time, not even able to see the light of the sun” and Elymas […]