Unifying spread out communities

Unity within a spread out group like a multi-site church. that was one of the main topics last week at One Life Core. These are my notes on the night and some of my own commentary. A shared language and shared ideals help people that aren’t together all the time keep unity with one another. […]

My notes from More a.k.a. Restoration Church on December 2, 2012

So the name of the church is going to be Restoration Church, since they decided that nobody really wanted “More!” Church. I thought that was pretty funny. Either way, whatever you call it, church or not, here are my notes. This week I came unprepared, so they are on the backs of my IamDanSullivan.com business […]

My Notes from CFC, 11-4-12 Dale Beaver on Intimacy

Dale has been going through a series on the Trinity entitled “TriUnity”. This Sunday I really noticed how much the 15 minutes before I walk into church color everything. I had my two littlest guys (ages 5&2) grabbing and screaming while I dropped them off in their class. I’m still wondering about this whole “Daddy […]