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My Notes from CFC, 11-4-12 Dale Beaver on Intimacy

Dale has been going through a series on the Trinity entitled “TriUnity”.

This Sunday I really noticed how much the 15 minutes before I walk into church color everything. I had my two littlest guys (ages 5&2) grabbing and screaming while I dropped them off in their class. I’m still wondering about this whole “Daddy is going to dump you off with strangers while he goes and learns about Jesus.” thing, but that is a discussion for another blog entry. Here are my notes.

Dale had some good points on what REAL intimacy is. It’s not about sex and lingerie and all of that nonsense. Like so many other things, the world has taken that word and shallowed it. Intimacy is being known as deeply and truthfully as possible. If you don’t have some brothers and sisters that you are close enough that they know you well, go find some! Pray that God would fulfill Psalm 68:6 “God sets the lonely in families.”

The other good take-away was his statement on the Trinity, “I don’t have to know it completely, but I do have to know it truthfully.” This applies to SO MANY things in Christianity. People often bail when things get too complicated or too heady. That can be ok, as long as they bail with a right understanding and not bend the words of Christ to suit their own ways. I know I’ll be using that line this week at the mission.

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