My Notes from CFC, 11-4-12 Dale Beaver on Intimacy

Dale has been going through a series on the Trinity entitled “TriUnity”. This Sunday I really noticed how much the 15 minutes before I walk into church color everything. I had my two littlest guys (ages 5&2) grabbing and screaming while I dropped them off in their class. I’m still wondering about this whole “Daddy […]

Sermon Notes from 10/14 at CFC

Here are my notes from Christian Fellowship Church on October 14, 2012. Dale Beaver was in the hotseat. Apart from my notes, you don’t get a lot of the cool stories Dale told about his grandma that passed away last week. Check out the video online if you can. I’ll update this post with the […]

Dale Beaver, Mealin' With Jesus on September 9, 2012

Here are my notes from 9/9/2012 at Christian Fellowship Church. Dale Beaver is continuing his series on Mealin’ With Jesus. The funny thing about this sermon was that Dale pulled some quotes from some etiquette guide to table manners.

Dale Beaver on Communion at CFC, September 2, 2012

Here are my notes from September 2, 2012 at Christian Fellowship Church. I love it that the guys were fully redeemed, but they didn’t really get it fully until Jesus served them some food. Here is the video so you can watch it yourself. You can also follow @DaleBeaver or @onlinecfc on twitter.

Sermon Notes from CFC 5-20-12

Here are my sermon notes from May 20, 2012. Jeff Kinkade talked about desperate households and some of the topic involved Helicopter Parents. There were some wild stories but I couldn’t help but think about what we have in our neighborhood: Scud Missile parents. In the early 90’s, Iraq would fire Scud missiles into Kuwait. […]