You Say That To All The Deities

Hosea 2:11  I will put an end to all her celebration:
her annual religious festivals,
monthly new moon celebrations,
and weekly Sabbath festivities –
all her appointed festivals. Look at what is on this list–It’s all of the religious things that Israel was doing! Somebody might say, “Wait, didn’t God ask them to do all of these religious things?” […]

Paul Goes All Habakkuk in Pisidian Antioch

For I am doing a work in your days, a work you would never believe, even if someone tells you.’ – Acts 13:41 Paul tells the people in Pisidian Antioch all about how all of Jewish history has been leading up to the birth of Christ, and then he quotes Habakkuk at the end of it. … Now if you who are Israel won’t turn to God and believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Gentiles will come in and plunder the blessing that is for you!”