Global Leadership Summit 2011, Part 5: Steven Furtick

Day one (good grief I’m just now ending day one‽) ended with Steve Furtick. His talk was really good.


After a day of some religious and worldly wisdom it was really good to focus on the fact that the most important things in this world can only be done by God.


It’s worth it to read this passage from 2 Kings 3:9-20

The whole bit about Elisha and the harpist was pretty funny. I’m not sure what the point of it was, but the whole bit about background music making us more passionate was pretty funny. I think it had something to do with us keeping our inspiration even after we left the conference. It’s easy to feel called by God when you’re in a crowd full of people with loud music and programmable lights. Not so much when you’re sitting alone in a soup kitchen with more ketchup on their burger than hope in their hearts.


This part is great, but if you read the section yourself, you can ask God for your own application. It is a good point that God didn’t lay out the entire plan to these guys. SO MANY places in the scriptures God just gives us 1 or 2 of the next steps, not the whole plan in detail.

Philip in Acts 8 only got two bits of direction and the rest he had to fill in on his own. Go to this road and go over by that chariot. Beyond that Philip had to wing it! We look at other peoples’ success and wonder why it doesn’t work out for us. We wonder why things are so hard or misleading or unclear, but most of the time we’re comparing our behind the scenes with other peoples’ highlight reel.

This whole event from 2 Kings is even a bigger deal if you read through the whole chapter. Read it and you’ll see that God provides a lot more than just the thing we ask for and He fights our fights for us in ways that we would have never even imagined!

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