They Did It All Wrong and God Loved It

Here is God, overlooking some blatant screw-ups during one of His most important holy days: Celebrated in the wrong month Celebrated by unprepared priests & Levites (should have only been priests that were clean) Celebrated by people that were unclean Celebrated by many people that weren’t even Jewish! Celebrated longer than God ever ordered it to be Celebrated in ways God never intended (with sacrifices from the king in addition to being from the people) Next time you are at church (if you know me, you know I’m the “you” in this sentence) and you want to gripe or be critical about the way things are being done, look at this hot mess in 2 Chronicles 30.

You’ve Been to Sinai, Welcome to Pentecost

I’ve been reading David Stern’s Jewish New Testament Commentary and listening to Dwight A. Pryor on the subject of Acts 2 and Pentecost. WOW. Texts: Acts 2, John 14, Exodus 20-32 The parallels between what the Jews celebrated and taught from the traditions about Pentecost and what happened on Pentecost 50 days after the Last […]

Jesus Breaking Bread with the Devil

‚ÄúWhat you are going to do, do quickly.‚Äù These are pretty disturbing words from Jesus. Satan himself has just entered into Judas and Jesus doesn‚Äôt say, ‚ÄúCome out of him!‚Äù or any of the things He ever said to demons. There was a time and a place for casting out evil and liberating individuals, but […]

Jesus is the Ultimate Untopper/Topper

All of the disciples are sitting around arguing about who is the best and who Jesus loves the most, all the time getting ready to eat the passover with dirty feet. Jesus alone gets up to wash the feet, and surely nobody noticed what he was doing until He started, because no one questioned or […]