Moses, Joshua, Jesus and a Good Time to Take off Your Shoes

The sound quality of this is a little scratchy, but the content is really good. I forget where I did this, maybe when I was Pastor at the Evansville Rescue Mission.
In this blurb, I talk about times when people in the Bible took off their shoes. There were certain things going on with them, going on with the Lord, and going on with the nation of Israel and God’s people.

WCAGLS Session 8: Joseph Grenny : Influence

Session 8: Joseph Grenny Leadership is more than being motivating. Courage, inspiration, people skills are all good. Influence is the new currency that trumps authority. people spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games 1 in 34 in the United States are incarcerated Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980 smoking droppped from 44% in […]

Courage: WCAGLA Session 1: Bill Hybels

Session One – Bill Hybels Courage relates to every single aspect of leadership. Nelson Mandela said he would fight apartheid Vision: a picture of the future that creates passion in people That's kind of funny. I'm sensitive to the paradigm of worrying about what other people think. Trying to turn off my critic. Leadership: Getting […]