The Holy Spirit – Imparted as a Whole

I just started reading “The Holy Spirit in Action” by Sheed and some of it is already blowing my mind. Some of it is just pondering the implications of God having and being a spirit. I’ll post the quote from the book, which is kind of heady and out there, then my interpretation which might […]

Speaking the Truth in Love

What would happen if we held on to truth (which is Christ) and increased our love? What if we increased our love even more for those that we disagree with, or are even our enemies? That is one of Christ’s most compelling teachings and that fits right in line with these things from Paul and Christ’s words of forgiveness from the cross.

God is Able to Carry You Sermon – 2 Thessalonians

Download: 2 Thes 3 God is able to carry you until the end 2015-07-12 I don’t have any notes that I can find on this. That just means I saved the somewhere crazy, not that I spoke with no notes! Here is the gist of this sermon on 2 Thessalonians 3: God will sustain you through […]

OneLife West Sermon on Ephesians 6 and Parenting

It was a good day to do it, because it was also the first day that 6th graders are now in the main service with us. We have done the family pew thing for a long time, taking all of our kids in with us, but recently we realized our kids will get more out of their own classes and they go and enjoy them.