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I Am Second Live with Eric Metaxas, Sean Little, Danny Gokey, and others.

IMG_20150227_062441What Randy Moore said about Evansville “We have an inheritance as part of this community” struck me. I’ve always considered myself a steward of my house, since it is a historic house, but not my city. Where we live was given to us in a certain condition, and we will pass it on to our grandkids in a certain condition. The fact that we can have a real effect on that is a big deal!





Quote from Mayor Winneke, who was there and stayed for the whole event. He and I both skipped the United Neighborhoods of Evansville meeting to be there.



I am Second Live





He said this in reference to all of the things God is doing. There are unprecedented things going on to help the Gospel all over the world!



He said this regarding William Wilberforce, who radically changed all of the UK and stopped the slave trade. Any one of the people that come to faith in Christ from watching an I Am Second video or from a conversation we have on the street could go on to be somebody like William Wilberforce and change the whole world because of Jesus in them.










I almost left this card out, but it was so moving to me. Jeff Kinkade hit a home run, like all of those guys, but he even got into how God created the world. The irony was not lost on me. At the same time, it’s been long enough and I could quit being bitter, but it was just too perfect to overlook.



Nathan Schroer’s wife was asked to sum up the last year since her husband died in one word.



Some kind of match about books came up between Danney Gokey and Eric Metaxas. Metaxas showed Gokey a lot of grace, but it was still really funny.







There was a video, the lights came up, and Danny Gokey was replace by Sean Little. This kind of shows the fun spirit of the whole evening.

The whole event was a really great experience, and I’m thankful to the guy that gave me some free tickets! If you haven’t seen them before, go check out some I am Second videos (Eric Metaxas is one of the weirdest/coolest and here is one by Christian Hosoi, a guy I used to watch when I skated as a kid!) .

I know I haven’t done this in a long time, but here are some affiliate links to some good Metaxas books.

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