I have a lot of extra thoughts and commentary, but they aren’t really on this topic. There were two speakers that were obviously spiritual, but not Christian, and that rubbed me the wrong way. I wrote in my review survey that either have profound topics by secular people or any topics from Christian speakers, but don’t have spiritual speakers that will refer to other spirits in their talk, especially if the content isn’t earth-shattering. She wasn’t as bad as the other speaker that referred to multiple people inside of her, but I had some trouble with this one.

It was also kind of awkward, immediately after what my wife called an “Amway talk” to sing a song about YOU YOU YOU. My church paradigm knew we were singing to God, but the content of the talk with the song following kind of felt like we were singing an anthem to ourselves. We can accomplish anything. We can do it if we believe in ourselves! Now let’s sing, “you you you”

Maybe it was just me being a curmudgeon.



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