The last time Erwin McManus spoke at the GLS, if I remember right, it was when he talked about dying with your last arrow beaten into splinters. We all thought he was gonna die. It was so motivating I just wanted to stand up and Hulk-roar with praise to the GOD WHO CALLS US INTO HIS MISSION WITH HIMSELF.

I tried to put a Hulk scream gif in here but it got too complicated.
Let’s get to the point.

Erwin McManus Killed it at the 2023 Global Leadership Summit

I told some friends I want this talk to be my alarm clock every morning. It’s really the second half that gets it. God created you. You were made by the Creator of strawberries and universe(s). Don’t attain to equality with God. Live for Jesus. He wants to bring all of your holy accomplishments up to His level.

“I have 15 minutes to convince you that you’re a genius.” I love it. That really was exactly what his talk was all about.

Nobody wants to hear this when they are struggling, but it’s true. Your outside events don’t have to define or limit you.

This brought about a lot of great lunch conversations.

What would you do if you could not fail?

It’s a good question. McManus proposes that we’re afraid of actually succeeding. that we’re afraid of the responsibility of success! Combine that with Condoleeza Rice talking about making things inevitable and you’ve got quite an opening to be motivated. This seemed a little more than just motivational rhetoric. It’s about not saying “No” to God when He calls you to something.

I texted my son during this talk and his reaction was “He’s still alive!?” and yes, my friends. Erwin McManus is still very much alive. This last picture is actually from the next speaker, but at the end of my column of notes, he was perfectly in sync with the stuff McManus said. I’m sure those guys didn’t corroborate, but I know the Holy Spirit works in people to give us a better message.

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