Ok so can we talk about the elephant in the room? She’s sitting in front of a green screen with a virtual picture of some Roman columns. Where is Condoleeza Rice?! Is she in a Ukrainian bunker somewhere? Is she in the Bahamas? These are the distracted things that come up during a good GLS session.

I had to work twice as hard as everyone else, and now I’m twice as confident as everyone else.

Condoleeza Rice at the 2023 Global Leadership summit

Some wisdom here about gossips. The sad thing I find is that a lot of people that gossip know they do, admit it, and then continue onward like they can’t help it. I always chuckle at myself when I warn someone “He’s a gossip,” because aren’t I judging myself at the same time?

She had excellent advice about fitting in and not fitting in here. I can hear all kinds of people saying “you should make me feel comfortable, not vice versa!” but it’s so Christian to consider others better than yourself. Putting people at ease with being around you is a super power.

“We make the impossible seem inevitable in retrospect.” Boom. That was the mic drop statement right there. Especially in the context of Ruth Bader Ginsburg swearing her in to office in the Ben Franklin Room. She always delivers an inspiring talk with plenty of transparency to be relatable.

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