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What do we do with this bucket?

John 4:28 NET

Then the woman left her water jar, went off into the town and said to the people…

So many times people focus on the woman leaving the jar like she didn’t care about water anymore because she now had the living water.

and that’s fine

But what are we going to do with that bucket/jar now? NONE of the disciples would want to touch it! If a dog ate off a plate, they would wash it and use it for people. If a Samaritan ate off of the same plate, it would be smashed to bits because it was so defiled that no self-respecting or God-fearing Jew would eat off of it!

So there is Jesus, who has been talking to the Samaritan woman. There are the disciples, that had a rough search around the area to find some Kosher food to eat. (either they had to leave Samaria or find some outcast Jew that lived in Samaria ((no way))). And they have that bucket that nobody wants to touch.

The great thing is when that woman comes back from town, they are all going to be invited to stay with the Samaritans and they are going to eat and drink off of their stuff for TWO DAYS!

Get ready boys. You wandered around Samaria on your own (they would have surely never been there before) and then you saw Jesus talking to a woman alone and then you had to deal with an abandoned Samaritan water bucket and NOW you’re gonna be their guest for 2 days. I love it.

Jesus busts us completely out of our rules, prejudice, customs, and lifestyle to focus on doing what He is living breathing doing inside of us.

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