Don’t be afraid. Look, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

Afraid means afraid. That was a good one. Don’t be scared of angels or of God. Why? Here’s why:

Look, pay attention, I “proclaim to you good news.” You know how you think of something when you hear “the news?” Well the Greeks had a word that just meant “proclaiming good news” and that’s the word that is here.

Don’t be afraid.

We’re here proclaiming good news. We’re good news announcers, not destroyers.

That news is going to cause “great joy” for all of the people.

Great = Megas plus Joy = Kara


It sounds like a Power Ranger villain or a superhero. As it should. This good news would make somebody sell all they own and buy a field where they discovered a treasure. This could news would make somebody leave everything and run after God.

So Megakara to all of you this Christmas!

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