They really did a 10 out of 10 job on the speakers at the 2023 Global Leadership Summit. Erin Meyer wrote some cool-sounding book about Netflix and shared stories and insights from that.

Her insights on how to build a team that will perform at its best were good. I’ve been on teams held back by a single bad actor. Sometimes I’ve been that bad actor and left the team so it could go on and succeed even more!

Putting in a bunch of processes to eliminate error and dummy proof the system means only dummies will work there!

Erin Meyer, GlS 2023

I’m pretty sure this sums up the whole reason why I dropped out of the education program at ISU and never became a school teacher. I got in a fight with the gatekeeper professor about the word Vermillion. Yep. He said we should punish a 10th grader for using flowery words and a thesaurus. I said Vermillion County was 10 miles north and if you were in 10th grade and didn’t know the name of the county next door, you needed all the flowery you could get.

But I digress. We’re all the heroes in our own stories.

They had a test where a guy named Negative Nick would have a bad attitude in the project. Teams performed 40% worse when Negative Nick came to town! Grumps in the office are contagious! Get them out of there fast!

Every one of these talks has wisdom for me as a future boss and wisdom for all the past bosses I’ve had. “If you treat your employees like adults, they are much more likely to act like adults.”

Nothing kills respect for a leader or morale on a team quite like being treated like little kids. Whether it’s a church, or a family, or a business,

  • fix the grumps
  • leave plenty of room for mistakes
  • treat people with respect, not like they are dumb little kids

Here’s a link to her book. Look up her talks on YouTube too.

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