Craig Groschel Opening Talk at GLS 2022

Here are my notes from the opening of the Global Leadership Summit 2022. It was a good talk and a lot of the things he mentioned came up from other speakers throughout the next 2 days. Particularly the paradoxes. There were other speakers that either exemplified or talked about things like being confident and humble, direct and kind, or empowering and controlling.

At the end he asked people to stand to show which one of the 3 we wanted to work on the most. I felt stupid standing up in a room of 540 people to say I wanted to work on being humble. I stood during the 3rd choice because that was the one that resonated with me the least. If I get the Confident and Humble points, and the Driven and Healthy sounds relatable, maybe the Focused and Flexible is the one I need to improve in.

My nametag listed “Various” as my organization, so some FOCUS would be good!

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