These both appear earlier in my blog from a talk at the Well, but I just came across them on a search and thought they were so good it was worth repeating. They are from

Considering what I represent to that city, it would be wrong for me to focus on the darkness. I don’t ever what to be impressed with the devil’s work. I come as a house of God.
–from p. 140 When Heaven Invades Earth

I don’t care what the devil plans to do. the Great Commission puts me onthe offensive. I’ve got the ball. And if I carry the ball effectively, his plans won’t matter.
Picture a football team in a huddle on the playing field. The coach sends in the play,and the quarterback communicates with his offensive teammates. On the sidelines is the opposing team’s offense. Their quarterback linesup out of bounds with his offensive team, but they don’t have the game ball, nor are they on the actual playing field. Now imagine the real offense getting distracted by the intimidating actions of the other offense. Caught up in their antics, they quarterback runs off the field in a panic, informing the coach tha tthey better put the defense on the field because the other team is about to use a surprise play. – p153

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