I read this in an article on Christianity Today

Imagine a so-called Christian society with the absolute capability to save lives in Africa that fails to act, Bono said. “You can explain that to the budget appropriators, but you can’t explain it to God. He will not accept that excuse, and history won’t.”

They said that he was being prophetic. That’s a little much. He is quoting Leviticus and Isaiah on issues of defending the fatherless and the widow. It’s still interesting, though. A lot of the anti-emergent church folks seem to be all upset about him, like he’s not allowed to be interested in God.

Let’s let people change, and let them be interested in the Bible enough to remember quotes from it! I’m thinking now about something I read somewhere about it being better to be a little unorthodox but wholeheartedly seeking God than to be sterile and heartless with all your theological ducks in a row.

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