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Disturbing Church

During the most important part of the church service, the background music played is an anthem to their country. Pictures of their military are shown, some even with guns in hand, while the congregation meditates on the Eucharist-the body and blood of Jesus who said “blessed are the peacemakers.” At the end, the men’s choir who is usually brought in to sing the most stirring and powerful songs about the saving power of the Gospel puts words to the same song played earlier, singing about God’s favor for the country and the men that fought in bloody wars to keep it ‘free’. The final moments of the song were punctuated with video of huge guns being shot off and cheers from the congregation.

This is not a tale from some state-controlled church in a third world military dictatorship. This is from my church in Indiana, and to all of my non-american friends I say I am so sorry.

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Very disturbing… but incredibly common. It really bothers me that so many people associate their relationship with God with a militant vigilance against their enemies.

I am glad I missed it. The last week I was there almost did me in already. The gun salute might have provoked language unbecoming to the location and occasion.

I must stop apologizing, and settling, and seek community somehow, somewhere with those who seek to encounter God, not American packaged business modeled approximations of faith and worship experiences. I want to sit with those who love Jesus and yet know that we scarcely know Him yet. I want to share what He is whispering to me with others who will both cherish and challenge it as we seek more of Him. May He forgive us for what we have made of the gifts He invested in us.


heartbreaking, I know the church through a mutual friend, but I’m afraid that hundreds did the same without reflection. I posted a link to a short film about Twain’s war prayer on my site, eerily similar to what you describe in southern Indiana

Excellent job today as you spoke to one group of our church on how to approach the world in humility. You made an impact. peace

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