Following the Unclear Blatant God

There is something about this discourse on bread that makes me not so much want to talk about bread and what the bread means or what it means to eat His flesh, but just about the more general idea of how Jesus taught. These parables almost put you to the point that you could know every single parable and even know the interpretation of it but still not have any understanding or idea of what He was talking about.

It seems like the Father wants people to come to Him that care about getting to know Him. People that will take the time and trouble to learn from Him. He makes things unclear at first, and then if people don’t want it explained, he moves on to other people.

When the disciples were sent out, they were to declare peace to a place, and if it didn’t rest on that place, they got took their peace and went home. As I put that with “the heavens declaring the glory of God” and “Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice?” it seems like God is constantly hiding Himself in all that we do, hoping that we’ll see that He’s been there and wants to be chased. It’s not a greedy or vain chase for the sake of frustrating us though. It’s almost like a lover’s pursuit or a mentor’s trail.

We follow him, and he leaves us clues for the journey. Sometimes when we’re in trouble, He hides out and shows us how to get through, then He darts off in our sleep, leaving more clues.