I just read Job 1-13 to catch up on my Chronological Bible in a Year plan. Job is awesome. All this stuff happens and Satan did it and Job says God did it and the next line says that Job did not sin! That makes me want to rebuke people when bad things happen and they give Satan credit for it. God is ALMIGHTY! God rules over ALL! He is the King of all creation and rules over ALL EVENTS!
Jobs poor friends are such fools. They say stuff about how the HOUSE of the WICKED will not stand – all of Job’s kids were killed when the oldest son’s house collapsed!
Eliphaz says “your tent will be secure…you won’t fear destruction…none of your property will be missing…your children will be many…you will come to the grave in full vigor. We have examined this and it is true. So hear it and apply it to yourself.”
His sons home collapsed, his possessions were destroyed or stolen, all of his children are dead, and he is on his way to the grave covered with festering, worm-infested sores. Is Job dreaming this? Is he hallucinating?
Eliphaz says “you need to claim these truths and platitudes.” With a pat on the back and then he cleans himself with some anti-bacterial soap.

Woe to the happy fakers!

Woe to the people that stand back from real life with God and don’t walk through real pain with Him.

Woe to us who change the definition of suffering or persecution so that it applies to something we have gone through.

Woe to us who have quoted the Bible like we were fighting with a sword that was not our own.

Woe to us when we have claimed someone else’s experience we saw in a movie or read in a book as our own and told someone “we understand.”

Oh God, burn off our Ken and Karli Christian faces and help us to be real!

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