Who are the Terrorists?

I read this today at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13944109/

Red Cross officials here said scores of people were killed in attacks across the south on Tuesday. With roads under threat of attack, they said, the office’s five ambulances couldn’t reach villages, leaving victims buried under the rubble. Braving the shelling that residents describe as random, cars flew white flags from antennas, rolled-up windows, sunroofs or hand-held flagpoles.

Civil defense workers, too scared to venture out in firetrucks, had to leave a rotting corpse in a humid sun along one road. His bloodied head was propped against the window of his car, struck on Tuesday. Clothes spilled out of torn suitcases in the trunk; on the ground lay pink and blue baby shirts.

It said he had a white sheet waving from the roof of his car as a surrender flag. When it comes to war are there any good guys? Who are the terrorists here?

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