WCAGLS Session 5: Chris Brown

Session 5 Chris Brown

For one month, Saul was getting called out and it was obvious to everyone that he was chicken.

Saul was supposed to be the guy that would go out after Goliath.

After 40 days of leadership being questioned, and it's because of you, any neck is better than yours.

They sent out the boy because he was the only one that would go.

Saul immediately claimed that hire!

Everybody bragged about how awesome David was.

Saul should have high-fived David and said, "We're the 11,000 club!"

"What more can he get but the kingdom?" Saul was jealous of David, didn't want his spot to get taken.

Saul had room in the kingdom for young eagles, but no room in his chariot. Saul thought it was HIS kingdom. How did you make this one about you?

The same way pastors and CEOs make it about "my team" and "My church" with the idea "I built this"

There was a pagan leader 800 years earlier that knew how to do this differently. He put Joseph in the chariot next to him.

Joseph thought they were his dreams, but they were God's dreams. Joseph needed slavery to learn the difference.


"God shows up, I have one Son, you listen to Him, no Moses, No Elijahs, ONE SON."

The disciples just didn't get it, they were always trying to jockey for spot 2-11 (they knew Peter would be number 1)

James and John take Jesus aside to ask to be #1 and #2.

Over and over the leaders are struggling with who is going to be in charge of their peeps.

Jesus brought them all together and said the world lords their authority over each other.

Mark 10:42-45

the Son of man did not come to be served but to serve, and to offer himself as a ransom for many

you had higher hopes for your position than for the company or your church, that's why when somebody on your staff becomes great, you send them off to plant their own church.

The Jesus leader washes the feet of the great people on his team and serves them!

"Are you asking me to give away my platform? My title? My position? No. Jesus is!"

We need to call sin sin. Pride and ego are bad and we need to see that and call it out.

Chris Brown's mentor (the one everyone that knew him thought should give this talk) said "It doesn't matter who preaches this, as long as the message gets out!"

So many people practicing what they are preaching.

"this is not for every leader, only the ones that want to be great"

We are killing ourselves and our families trying to build our own kingdoms.

"i'm afraid that in 10 years, our cities are going to have incredible civic centers, incredible youth activity buildings. They used to be churches, until the personality left."

With the title I've been given, not as senior pastor, but as servant of all, what do I need to do? Who do I need to pull into my chariot?

When I have the choice, do I expand His kingdom, or my reputation.
Will you cheer for the other guy that gets invited to preach at the Summit about what you've been doing for 20 years?

If a non-believer had my exact same skill set, would they do my job differently? Your answer better be upside down.

After Jesus rose from the dead, He picked those guys that always argued to be picked, and sent them out.

Whatever you think it will cost you to empower others, it cost Jesus more. Follow Him.

I think that was the best talk yet.

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