Session 11: Oscar Muriu

Nairobi church is a network of over 40 churches. They are even going to America to plant churches!

5 things about leadership development

Matthew 9:37-38

Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers!
The size of your harvest depends on how many leaders you have.

The problem isn't the harvest.
The problem is there aren't enough people going into the work!

This sounds a little like Neil Cole's stuff. Turn on the light, attract the moths, let the roaches run.

We spend a lot of time trying to convince people they are part of the harvest. Jesus said the harvest if plentiful!

Jesus got some guys and trained them to preach the kingdom of heaven while he preached the kingdom of heaven.

As this guy is talking, I seriously wonder how many old pastors have a lot of guys around them, getting mentored and trained, that aren't on their staff. Young guys that are really learning from the old guys because it's awesome, not because they want to take their place.

Psalm 71:18 – Don't forsake me until I've declared your light and your greatness to the generations to come.

He is talking about our visions living on to the next generation, I'm wondering who of us is working out the vision of somebody that came before us? What church, organization, company, are we working for and striving for to carry on their mission?


We need to pour into people 20 years younger than us. (I'm working on pouring into five kids 27-36 years younger than me)

Numbers 11:10-17 People were crying for meat. Moses was crying about the burden of the people being on him.
"God, if you aren't going to help me, then just kill me!"

God told him to gather up 70 men and He put His spirit on them too. They went out and shouldered the burden with Moses.

Those 70 guys didn't come out of nowhere. They were already there. He gathered them up in one day.

Some of your best leaders are all around you. Your competitors can see them. Your neighbor church can see how awesome your youth pastor is as a senior pastor, but you can't. Look around.

5 young people came to him and said they would give him the next 25 years of their life to go out and plant churches.

There are a few things about african pastors that always make me a little uncomfortable. Not sure what it is. Hints of prosperity gospel, some cult like devotion to personalities, a sort of "failure is not an option" type A personality. Those might just be side-effects of their circumstances, because they are also pretty amazing and awesome.

He would pick guys and pray for them secretly until they said they wanted to become church planters. He called it his hit-list.

Instill the five loves into your leaders.

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart soul mind strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

  1. heart – character, who you are
  2. soul – conviction, values, beliefs, dreams, passions
  3. mind – comprehension, understanding God
  4. strength – competence. Having skill, doing a good job, working hard,
  5. Love your neighbor as yourself – compassion

Acts 4:13 – They were amazed that these guys were bold and unschooled. The listeners took note that they had been with Jesus.

Jesus spent TIME with those guys. Never do ministry alone. Always have budding leaders around you! [I'd always add in to that always be around long-time leaders!]

15x4x52x3 is how many hours Jesus spent with those guys. 9,360 hours. If we meet with a guy for 3 hours a week, it will take us 60 years to spend time like Jesus spent time with His guys.

"You should never go anywhere alone. Immerse them in discipleship opportunities. If you have an extra bedroom, invite them into your home to see you be a parent and a husband!"

I think maybe Kenyans are church planters like they are runners. They are intense. They are phenomenal.

It's neat to hear about the churches they are starting all over the world. Not do downplay that, but I think they are just barely talking about multiplication vs. addition.

I need to write something about Leadership/Members being the new Clergy/Laity.

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