At the end of this, my brain was mush. I think it was more the fact that they had the band come out, sing worship songs and have a prayer time and then surprise us with another 30 minute speaker when it was supposed to be over that wore me out. Knowing how to pace yourself at these conferences is the difference between getting something out of it and just wanting to get out. I dismissed the guys at the mission as soon as Michael Frost was done talking, even though Verge still went on for unknown amounts of time.

That might also be the webcast aspect of it. It might be amazing in that room full of people worshipping and singing and getting on their knees praying, but as people watching it from home it’s different.

As I look over my notes, I notice the impact of having 5 speakers go “just a little bit over”on their time. I learned this the hard way once. Whenever people give you a chance to speak, it is your responsibility, as the one serving your audience, to not go over the time they’ve given you.

I look forward to the excerpts being posted on Youtube in the coming months.

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