Bible Study

Three Kinds of People in John 10

In John 10 Jesus details 3 sorts that work with the sheep, or the people.

  1. The Thief: The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He uses up the sheep for his own desires and wants, and does not care about them or for them.
  2. The Hireling: Wesley uses the word hireling, and I like it here. This person “Loves the hire, not the sheep” (Wesley) He enjoys making money off of the owner and little else. If a job came along that was better, he would abandon the sheep or if risk or labor increased over his pay, he would leave.

  3. The Shepherd: The shepherd owns the sheep. They are  his and he is concerned solely about the care of the sheep. He will not abandon them for something else, because if he did, he would have nothing else.

So, Christian, which of these workers are you in your cubicle, in your grocery store, in your church? When we talk to people, do we just talk to get what we need out of them then move on? Do we just talk to the people we talk to because nothing better has come along? Do we take partnership, even ownership, of the friendship and dive in to care for the people we come in contact with?

I know I’m guilty of being all three of these characters at times.

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