The Arby's Manager and the BBQ Disciple

I just saw a guy at Arby’s fumbling with the ketchup dispenser. He was refilling it and having a hard time getting the nozzle on.

The manager walked up, didn’t say a word, put his hands on the nozzle as the guy stepped back, popped it on, and walked off.

Never speaking a word.

Without saying anything, he talked down to that guy and belittled him a bit.

I wonder if people think that God is the same way, doing things but not speaking. Fixing difficulties and walking off with a smirk. Not caring about the person, but satisfied about what He did and how incompetent the little guy is.

Praise God He Still Speaks – But who is teaching us how to listen!?

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  1. Hey, Dan. I finally found my way to this. I love your comments. Want to know how your housegroup is going. We need to connect with such….
    Also, since two days ago, lost my home-page; can’t get my to come up, nohow.

  2. “Awaiting moderation”. . . ? I’m not that moderate! Want to let you know I’ve (last week) submitted the manuscript for printing/binding. I know there are bits of it I’d like to share with you. (Also, via blog.) So, also since that’s done, now, finally, I want to get on with the “blogs”. Today is the first time (since you launched me) that I’ve spent any time trying to find my way around in it…. Peace and love to your Cindi and the little 4. Keith

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