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Sullymedia Blog for 4 Years!

Wow! I can’t believe I’ve been writing on here for almost 4 years! My first entry was about so-called “White Trash” in February of 2004, and it really wasn’t much of an entry. The crazy thing is, if you do a search on Google for ‘short quotes’ I’m ranked number 10!!

I have no resolutions this year. I think that my wife said it best last night when she said,

“I think we consider and change our habits to improve our lives more than once a year, we do that like every day!”

Is she awesome or what?

Last January I began reading through the entire Bible Chronologically. It was a very good time, and it’s still going on. I’m currently at the end of Hosea, which means I will be going back to Isaiah 28 tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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