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Spurgeon quoted by Dale Beaver: The Hard To Pull Bow

This was in Dale Beaver’s sermon from 11/18/12 at CFC. We weren’t there on Sunday, but I listened to some from the atrium as my 3rd son practiced being a ring bearer at a friend’s wedding. The next morning I tuned in via YouVersion Live and read this quote:

“We cannot draw the bow of prayer alone. Sometimes a bow of steel is
not broken by our hands, for we cannot even bend it; and then the Holy
Ghost puts his mighty hand over ours, and covers our weakness so that
we draw; and lo, what splendid drawing of the bow it is then! The bow
bends so easily we wonder how it is; away flies the arrow, and it
pierces the very center of the target, for he who giveth has won the
day, but it was his secret might that made us strong, and to him be
the glory of it.”
-C H Spurgeon, The Holy Spirit’s Intercession

I read that to the boys and they thought it was cool. They can relate to having a bow that is too hard to pull.

They also immediately related it to Hawkeye’s move in the Avengers, when he shoots an arrow behind him and wipes out a Chitari. They seem to really understand how the Holy Spirit works, in a elementary school way.

Sometimes the thing we are praying for looks like the main thing, the right thing-even, that we should be focussed on. Drawing to God with thanksgiving, surrender, and openness is what focuses our aim in the right direction, and moves God to blast the target for His glory.

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