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old message from the Well Retreat

This is an old talk from the Well Retreat a few months ago.
I came across it and thought I’d post my notes.

– Letting your light shine.
– Everyone take a little piece of duct tape=82 about a baseball =
card size
– Many methods of evangelism=82 ie. contagious christianity’s 6
– confrontational
– intellectual
– testimonial
– interpersonal
– invitational
– serving
– Things I’ve personally done
– passed out crackers/glow ropes
– played games with kids
– taught VBS in Burma
– Took clothes to orphan kids
– walked around and talked to strangers, sat in =
– walked down greenriver road talking
– walked down greenriver road washing windshields
– Most effective method I’ve ever seen.
– being yourself
– letting the lion defend Himself
– be a witness of what has happened
– the Anti-Advertising movement
– status of a servant
– Phil 2:5-7
– Servants don’t boast in their position
– Servants don’t advertise
– How they should know the truth
– John 13:35 – by our love
– Matt. 5:13-16 – good deeds – phos (shining light) vs. =
(reflected light)
– John 16:7-8 – Holy Spirit convicting
– 2Cor. 4:10-12 – By dying to ourselves – Opening the =
Lid on Christ=20
inside of us
– Emerson quote
– 2 guys in prison, small little old white man, big huge mean black man
at the old man’s death, the mean man yells "That’s the only Jesus I=20
ever knew"
– business men knocking over blind kid’s apple cart.
– Margie Bell crying because I shoveled her snow
– Carry the duct tape and wonder what kind of message people would hear=20=

from you if it were over your mouth.=

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