Jesus made them clean, but not all of them got clean.

John 13:10 ¬? Jesus answered, ‚ÄúA person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet; his whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.‚Äù

Part of this verse shows why Universalism can’t be true. Yes, Jesus died for the sins of all people, but NO, that does not mean that everyone is saved. Judas didn’t accept the cleansing. He was still unclean in his heart and was conspiring to turn Jesus in even though he had been taught and shown and even ate dinner with The Truth.

It also shows that mere activity doesn’t make one clean. Judas was around and participated in the same activities as the other twelve, but that still didn’t make him clean in Jesus’ eyes. He even had his feet washed, which wasn’t an act of cleaning away dirt, but instruction on cleaning away pride. He didn’t learn that lesson either.

All of this comes as a warning to us. Let us not think that just because we are around disciples and just because Jesus has served us in many wonderful ways, that we are all set to do our own will and do our own thing and call ourselves clean friends of Jesus. It’s BEING His disciple and DOING His will that all of a sudden shows us that HE has made us clean.

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