Jesus "Made Himself" a Son of God

John 19:1-11

“Where are you from?” Pilate asks.

If he can’t figure out this king business, maybe he can find out where Jesus came from. The people have said that Jesus 4160 the Son of God.

4160. poieo, poy-eh-o; apparently a prolonged form of an obsolete primary; to make or do (in a very wide application, more or less direct): ó abide, + agree, appoint, x avenge, + band together, be, bear, + bewray, bring (forth), cast out, cause, commit, + content, continue, deal, + without any delay, (would) do(-ing), execute, exercise, fulfil, gain, give, have, hold, x journeying, keep, + lay wait, + lighten the ship, make, x mean, + none of these things move me, observe, ordain, perform, provide, + have purged, purpose, put, + raising up, x secure, shew

Everywhere that I can find this word in use in the NT, it is an ACTION WORD. It is not the kind of word that the NIV translates it “He claimed to be” that involves talk.

So now look at it like the ESV says it:

[7]†The Jews answered him, ìWe have a law, and according to that law he ought to die because he has made himself the Son of God.î

(John 19:7 ESV)

No wonder Pilate became afraid at this point. This man did things that showed Himself to be and somehow made Himself to be a Son of God. The phrase ìSon of Godî was common among Romans. They referred to many of their leaders as sons of the gods (often by the leaderís demand) and this phrase may have been a bit worn out in terms of referring to emperors.

For the Jews to use this phrase, however, and use it to refer to a man that was standing in their midst, would be a big deal. The whole problem that the Jews were always stirring up was that they would only worship one god, and their one god never fit into the pantheon of gods approved by Rome. Even Pilate could be confused at this point. Are the Jews submitting to Rome? There are other times that they execute people without asking Roman officials first (i.e. Stephenís stoning, numerous other times when they collected rocks for Jesus)

Looking over this just shows me how much we can waver and jump allegiances when we do not follow the one true and living God. The Jewish leaders are basically following whoever has the power at the moment to get what they want. They even play people against each other like a child between his parents trying to get what he wants.

Jesus shines more than ever in this situation. He could explain Himself, excuse Himself, say all kinds of wise things to prove His innocence or befuddle His accusers. He had spent the last three years taking wisdom from the Father and sharing it to the rage, confusion, and peaceful restoration of His hearers. Now He knows that the moment He has been appointed for has arrived. He is letting the Father fight the battle, because in the worlds terms, these guys arenít playing fair anyway.

It brings me joy to know, though, that the one that holds life and death in His hands is being issued the death penalty and He isnít playing fair either.

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