Jesus Doesn't Need Any Simple Alternatives

Jesus said what he meant and didn’t have any tricks-what I mean by this is when Jesus said “your son will live,” He did not mean it in some ethereal/spiritual way that he would be risen from the dead at the resurrection. He meant, “your son will live through this illness.” I know sometimes people pray for healing but then tack on a little “of course we know you may heal by taking them to be with you” statement. When this publican came to Jesus, he was not looking for his son to be healed by dying peacefully-he wanted his son to be HEALED! Sometimes we offer God easier alternatives, such as letting a person die peacefully instead of healing them. God accepts people that are desperate and hopeless, and have no other hope but His healing power. Jesus didn’t give the blind man a seeing eye dog or the paralyzed man a flying carpet. May we also go to God with that desperation for His full power.

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  1. Of course, Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and healed those. Why would He give an “or” choice when He already knew the mind of God? The ones He healed are recorded as miracles because not everyone was healed. For all the emphasis in the gospels on how frequently He healed people, no where does it say He healed everyone who was ill. When we become in tune enough with the Spirit of God to Know with certainty in which cases God is doing what, we will be ready to quit whimping out in prayer. Right now, I am not there. peace

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