I started reading “Mere Christianity” yesterday while waiting for my Mac to capture a couple hours of video. It was left in my office by whoever was here before.

What makes this book so interesting, is not just that it is a 1963 printing of it, which makes it old and smell good, but it was once owned by someone that was a real book-worm and a skeptic. There is writing all over and underlinings and a full dialogue with the book. On just page 14, they wrote

“When a man makes such a comment, his book ought not to be read!”

and then on page 20, just at the end of chapter 4, before you have really gotten into the book, is a long paragraph written in some empty space, that ends with

“…The general mysticism of this volume makes it enraging to one searching for decent thinking on the subject-only ignorance or prejudice could make this book acceptable as thought”


So I am continuing to read MC. I just read a book and thought the author really liked to listed to himself write. Now I’m reading a good book, commented by someone that likes to listen to himself write.

It’s kind of like watching a fight.

On the bad side, it reminds me of my coffee house days when guys would argue about Christianity and really all they were doing was competing to see who the better arguer was. They weren’t really looking for truth-not one of them.

I’m kind of curious. What if my commentator changes his mind while I read this book!?

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