Entertaining Churches

“People are addicted to and hooked on entertainment, so the church is focusing on entertaining people.”

A lady said that like it was a bad thing, and is, but what if it wasn’t? What if we didn’t label that as good or bad, but just said that’s the way it is?

The people are speaking english, not latin, and now they are saying the church shouldn’t speak latin anymore, but speak english.

What if entertainment and multi-media are the new english?

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  1. Can I comment on my own blog? I just was wondering about how hard this would be, really…because in the entertainment world what people LIKE comes and goes like the colors of summer fashions. Last year is was orange and pink, this year it’s brown and pink, and next year everywhere you look you’ll see white and tan. Is the format that the church presents the Gospel ready for those kinds of fast changes? ok, end of comments on my own posts.

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