Ed Catmull – WCAGLS 2015

This was from an interview Bill Hybels did with Ed Catmull, boss of Disney Animation Studios and co-founder of Pixar.




Two takeaways I got from this was that he saw the deeper cause and motive behind just making movies and a lot of money. That made me wonder about the deeper cause behind me working at Lieberman. Am I just making websites or am I doing something different? Later in the day I caught myself when someone said “What do you do?” and I said “I help people get their business on the internet.” AAAAH! It’s happening!

The other part of his talk that was good was how much he talked about teaching the principles of their company and their work philosophy. Sure, people need to know how to render lighting and keyframe the polygons, but they can learn that their own way, what he was concerned about was teaching the culture of creativity and flexibility and trust that will then turn out amazing movies.

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