Here are my notes from Craig Groeschel’s opening talk at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS 2018).

The opening addressed the Hybels scandal directly and I thought a lot of what he said about it was good. Nobody can accuse them of not addressing the issue as fully as it needed to be addressed at this event. At the same time, they moved on to the business of the day and didn’t dwell on failures of the past.

Craig Groschel GLS 2018 Notes

Yes, I’m convinced Craig Groeschel has three lungs. In the next 2 days, profound humility and furious resolve would come up a few more times. The line after the first few notes here is where he turned a corner and began his actual talk. Before that was intro.

Craig Groschel GLS 2018 Notes

That whole concept of

I notice.

You matter.

Is so relatable. Every part of any job I didn’t like could come back to those 2 traits lacking.

Craig Groschel GLS 2018 Notes

Here are links to the Bain Group Leadership Model that Craig Groeschel mentioned in his GLS talk.

Bain Leadership Model – 33 consistent ways leaders inspire

Craig Groeschel’s podcast about inspiring leader’s from August 2018


Craig Groschel GLS 2018 Notes
Craig Groschel GLS 2018 Notes

So many good notes on this page. The trick is that I’m not typically the leader that is the bottleneck – I’ve worked for the leaders that were the bottlenecks. Hopefully, I’ll learn from the good ones instead.

The Grander Vision #1 piece was amazing. A judge is viewing arrested prostitutes as sex trafficking victims and started a program to treat them as such.

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