WCAGLS Session 9: Vijay Govindarajan: Innovation

Session 9: Vijay Govindarajan: Innovation Innovation is reacting to change. How many things you are doing today go in box one? Manage the Present. (efficiency)Selectively forget the past Shape the future How do you do innovation and efficiency all at the same time? That's what counts. Continuously improving the quality of what we do today […]

WCAGLS Session 8: Joseph Grenny : Influence

Session 8: Joseph Grenny Leadership is more than being motivating. Courage, inspiration, people skills are all good. Influence is the new currency that trumps authority. people spend 3 billion hours a week playing video games 1 in 34 in the United States are incarcerated Worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980 smoking droppped from 44% in […]

WCAGLS Session 6: Bob Goff

Session 6 Bob Goff "I'm emotionally incontinent!"Getting our signals wrong. In Uganda, our american motion for hello is Ugandan for "Follow Me!"Stalkers find out all kinds of information about people they don't spend time with. "I was stalking Jesus, and it was freaking both of us out!"1 John 3:16 – we should lay down our […]

WCAGLS Session 4, Liz Wiseman

Session 4? Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers Looks like we might get a bunch of business stuff out of this. This intro is pretty cool though. Multipliers: 1. Talent magnets 2. Liberators 3. Challenger 4. Debate Maker 5. InvestorDang, another no podium thing!I hope there is a Momma Maggie event at this conference where we […]