Hosea 12:8 in the NRSV says “Ephraim has said, “Ah, I am rich, I have
gained wealth for myself; in all of my gain no offense has been found
in me that would be sin.”

Ephraim knows that he has made himself rich by less than honest means,
but none of the means were flat out sin. He is looking at the letter of
the law, and obeying it with a loophole lifestyle.

We are guilty of that in many ways today. Christians are stealing
software and justifying it with loopholes like “They just charge way to
much.” or “I’m not making any money with it.” Unmarried couples are
doing what they aught not but saying it’s ok because it’s not sex. We
have anger, hate, and revenge, but we allow it because we think someone
deserves it.

If we live a “I know it’s not exactly right but it’s not sin”
mentality, then I think we’ll just make a bunch of “I know God is real,
but I don’t exactly have to follow Him” disciples.

Let’s follow Him. Let’s cast off the sin that so easily entangles. God
is so worth our pure devotion that comes to Him with a clear
conscience. It’s the joy of knowing you don’t have anything hidden in
your house that would cause shame if someone found it. Take it a step
further and show God everything hidden in your heart, so that when That
Day comes when everything is shown for what it really is, you will be
able to stand.

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