Alan Hirsch on Why We're Moving Downtown

If God’s central way of reaching His world was to incarnate Himself in Jesus, then our way of reaching the world should likewise be incarnational. To act incarnationally therefore will mean in part that in our missions to hose outside of the faith we will need to exercise a genuine identification and affinity with those we are attempting to reach. At the very least, it will probably mean moving into common geography/space and so set up a real and abiding presence among the group. But the basic motive of incarnational ministry is also revelatory‚Äìthat they may come t know God through Jesus. -p.133, The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch

I thought this would be a good quote to kick off a new category on the blog: In the City. We are weeks away from owning a home near downtown, and we are all pretty exciting. It’s a crazy old place. Built in 1904, with 3 stairways (main, servants, and second floor up to the attic) and 3 fire places (2 originals that burned coal, one retrofitted with a broken gas log) and one escape hatch out the roof!

I thought I’d make downtown a category so I could write about some of the stuff we’re doing in rehabbing the house and making it more efficient. We knew we were supposed to move down there, but when we heard about AVERAGE energy bill of $400 (with peaks up to $675!) we weren’t sure how we’d do it.

The home inspection is today. Hopefully we won’t find too many awful things out about our house…

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  1. Appreciate the thoughts here. Hirsch is next in my stack to read and I am almost finished with Reading the Bible with the Damned. I am encouraged that it was the correct selection to read next! peace

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