A Little Meta Comment and Some Greatest Hits

We’re going to change the format a little today and flash back a little bit.

Every month I get a report of the most visited Daily Bible Readings and I thought you might think the results are interesting. There are between 3 and a few hundred people that read it every day, but these visits come from Google searches. That means people are searching for something on Google and these posts from the DBR come up.

Here are the top 5 from the last 6 months.

  1. Why Was It a Big Deal to Not Break Any of Jesus’ Bones?
  2. So Much Back Story as Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy
  3. Hamstrung Horses and (in?)Humane Conquests
  4. Why Would Zechariah Be Afraid to See a Cute Angel?
  5. The Holy Spirit is the Reminder

This gives you some insight into what kinds of things people are searching for, and I hope it inspires your prayers today.

Thanks for reading!

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