A Hidden Orphan and Widow

I was just reading a little commentary and came across some statement about how soon Joseph, the husband of Mary, must have died after Jesus’ birth. That was a little confusing b/c that same person was talking about all of the brothers and sisters Jesus had, so it couldn’t have been THAT soon.

All over the OT God calls His people to take care of the fatherless and the widow. Numerous times in the prophets the judgement against them is that they did not look out for the fatherless and the widow (Ex. 22.22, Dt 10.18, 24.17, 24.20-21, Ps. 94.6, Ps. 146.9, Is. 1.17, Jer. 7.6, enough already!) So what if God, in His huge wisdom that always does more than the one obvious thing, said all of this stuff about taking care of orphans and widows b/c someday He would need His Son to be taken care of?! The most vulnerable people of all are the kids and women w/ no one to speak for them, so of course God, in His glorious weakness, would have to be one of those.

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