What a Walmart adventure,…

What a Walmart adventure, a father beat his kid in front of me because the kid would not get out of my way and I had trouble finding everything and at the end the cashier was so mean, I ask him to his face, Are you angry at me? And he was startled and said no.

And I got out of there spending $120 and not using a single plastic bag.

I know you’re not supposed to blog about your co-workers, but JVP, this one’s for you.

Leave the Plastic at the store

  • JVP

    Very cool… I seriously need to try this.

  • Greg

    maybe we need a little more contemplation of these kinds of places and search for alternatives. I suspect places like Walmart are by nature violent and partially responsible for the behavior of those you encountered. I know I am often in a mood to “hurt somebody” by the time I escape unless I am extremely careful. peace